Nichiren Shoshu

Myoshinji Temple

Daily Temple Schedule



Monday - Friday 6:30am: Gongyo, 7:00am - 7:30am: Shodai
  Saturday 10:00 am: Gongyo
  Sunday 8:50am - 9:50am: Shodai, 10:00am: Gongyo and Various Ceremonies
Evenings Monday - Friday 6:00pm: Gongyo, 6:30pm - 6:50pm: shodai
  Saturday 3:30pm: Gongyo
  Sunday 3:30pm: Gongyo
  Thursday Only 6:30 pm: ½ hour Shodai, 7:00 pm: Gongyo followed by ½ hour Shodai

The schedules are available in the PDF format. Most computers can open these files automatically. If you are experiencing difficulty opening the files, please download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.